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Shop our range of trendy modal menswear: men’s fashion styles from designer niche brands. These designers bring you menswear in trendy seasonal prints and patterns made with eco-friendly modal material.

Modal menswear offers a blend of comfort, sustainability, and style that resonates with the modern man. Modal material, known for its softness and environmental benefits, is gaining popularity in designer menswear for its breathable, absorbent qualities and ability to hold dye well. This allows vibrant colours that last longer without fading. Modal has antibacterial properties and resists shrinkage. It is a great fabric for men’s underwear or performance menswear.

Modal is a next-generation rayon compared to rayons like bamboo material. It is plant-based, from the pulp of the beech tree. It’s stronger, lightweight, more stretchy, durable and breathable than traditional rayons.

Modal is produced by the Australian company Lenzing AG. Their brands include Lezing Modal, China Modal and Formatex. There are also lighter modal materials, called Micro Modal and Modal Air. They have a finer knit. Therefore, the material has a softer and more luxurious feel. TENCEL™ Lyocell, a second-generation modal material. It has a sustainable production process. The process regenerates cellulose fibre. Cellulose from eucalyptus trees. It is a closed-loop system without harmful chemicals, powered by bioenergy.

In men’s modal underwear, modal is blended with cotton and spandex. This gives additional strength and stretch. It is super soft to the touch. Also, breathable and ventilating. It wicks away moisture well, being 50% more absorbent than cotton. Therefore, it keeps you cool and dry for longer.

Modal stands out for its eco-friendly production process in an era where consumers are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact. As a result, choosing modal menswear elevates one’s style and aligns with the values of eco-conscious individuals.

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