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Shop our range of trendy cotton menswear: men’s fashion styles from designer niche brands. These designers bring you a mixture of menswear in trendy seasonal prints and patterns made with cotton material.

Cotton is a versatile and breathable fabric, long favoured in menswear, offering comfort and durability. Cotton’s natural fibres are soft on the skin, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear. Cotton’s ability to absorb moisture and keep the body cool and dry makes it particularly suited for the warmer months.

Cotton is a natural fabric. It is a soft, fluffy cellulose fibre that grows in a ball around the seeds of cotton plants. This fibre is harvested and spun into yarn or thread to make a soft, breathable material.

Types of Cotton

There are different qualities of cotton:

  • Organic cotton – made from non-genetically altered plants, organic cotton is certified when grown without harmful pesticides. Complying with the Global Organic Textile Standard, organic cotton has a lower impact on global warming, soil eutrophication and water waste.
  • Pima cotton – longer fibres than standard cotton, Pima cotton is known for its durability and absorbency.
  • Ring Spun cotton – produced on ring frame equipment, ring-spun cotton is fine, extremely soft and durable.
  • Supima® cotton – the highest quality cotton, made from long fibres.

VOCLA offers a vast selection of men’s cotton underwear, with a range of quality cotton materials. For example, 2eros use Egyptian Giza cotton, to create superior softness.

Designer brands have experimented with cotton blends in their menswear, incorporating materials like elastane to introduce stretch and therefore enhance the fabric’s comfort and flexibility without compromising its breathability. This innovation also improves the functionality of cotton material menswear, such as wrinkle resistance and water repellency.

As a plant-based fabric, cotton is at the forefront of eco-friendly men’s fashion. Designer brands increasingly use organic cotton in their menswear, creating a more ethical fashion industry. As awareness and demand for sustainable practices grow, cotton’s role in menswear is set to become even more significant.

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