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Express yourself with our collection of regular body type menswear, sourced from niche designer brands around the globe.

Designing menswear for the regular body type requires a keen understanding of proportion, balance, and the art of tailoring to flatter the natural physique. The regular body type is often seen as the most versatile and widely catered to in men’s fashion.

When selecting clothing for a regular body type, focus on fit and structure. A well-fitted shirt that tapers around the waist can highlight the body’s natural shape without clinging too tightly, creating a sleek silhouette. Opting for slim or straight-leg trousers can similarly enhance the body’s proportions. The key is to avoid anything excessively baggy or too tight, as either extreme can distort the body’s natural lines, leading to a less flattering appearance.

Layering plays a crucial role in menswear for regular body types, offering a way to add depth and interest to an outfit while maintaining balance. The goal is to choose pieces that resonate with personal style while respecting the body’s natural form. This results in a confident, comfortable, and stylish presentation.

This edit of fashionable regular-sized menswear is anything but dull. You’re unique and so is your wardrobe. We have a range of regular body type clothing, regular body type underwear, and regular body swimwear.

These clothing styles are suitable for those with a regular body type. If you are tall, please see our tall menswear collection. And if you’re looking for plus-size menswear, we also have that.

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