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Plus Size

Express yourself with our collection of trendy plus size menswear, sourced from fashionable designer brands around the globe. You don’t need to be a regular body type to be in vogue this season.

The world of menswear has seen a significant evolution over the years, particularly in plus-size fashion. This change reflects a growing recognition of diverse body shapes and sizes that men possess, and the need for stylish, comfortable menswear that caters to everyone. Plus-size clothing no longer means settling for ill-fitting or unfashionable garments; instead, it embraces a wide range of styles and trends allowing individuals to express their personal style.

This edit of fashionable plus size menswear is anything but dull. Unlike other retailers, our men’s plus size clothing is anything but basic. We also have a range of plus size men’s underwear in a variety of prints and styles.  You’re unique and so is your wardrobe.

These plus size designer menswear pieces feature trendy fits such as box, loose and oversized fits, that will look good on, but fit well, and also be comfortable. Our shorts, pants and underwear bottoms are available in plus sizes of 2XL upwards.

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