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Petite menswear represents a niche yet essential segment of the fashion industry, catering to men with a body type and build that is 5’7″ and under in height. This market segment acknowledges the diverse body shapes and sizes of men, offering stylish options that fit well. Traditionally, finding menswear for smaller frames could be a challenge, with most off-the-rack options designed for the average height. However, the landscape is changing as more brands recognize the need for inclusivity in sizing.

Designers focusing on petite build menswear pay close attention to proportions, ensuring that each piece, from shirts and jackets to trousers and suits, is scaled to fit shorter bodies correctly. This means adjusting not just the length, but also the positioning of pockets, buttons, and other details to maintain the garment’s balance and aesthetics. It’s not merely about making clothes smaller but adapting the design to flatter smaller statures without sacrificing style or comfort.

As the fashion industry continues to evolve towards inclusivity, the availability and variety of petite menswear are expanding. Consumers now have access to a broader range of options designed for petite sizes.

Browse our designer menswear collection suitable for the guy with a petite build body type. We’ve selected these men’s petite clothing styles because they are fitted, smaller, and more tailored. Therefore, they are suitable for men with a petite body build. This selection of petite clothing will keep you looking good whilst being bang on trend.

This petite menswear collection offers you the same range of expressive gear and trendy styles that we have for other body types. VOCLA is not a retailer that offers basic clothing designs for men just because they have a petite build. All our styles are specially selected from our brands.

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