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Trendy large and big body shape menswear is a niche yet important segment within the designer fashion industry. It caters to men who find standard sizes less accommodating to their larger or more muscular build. This market has evolved beyond merely upsizing existing designs, focusing instead on crafting menswear that flatter and fit the larger shapes of bigger men. The emphasis is on providing comfort without compromising style, ensuring every piece looks as good as it feels.

Fashion designers and brands specializing in men’s large and big body shape garments often consider factors beyond simple measurements. They pay close attention to the cut, fabric, and overall design to ensure that their big garments offer the right support, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal. For example, shirts might feature gussets under the arms or sides to allow for a greater range of motion.

VOCLA has selected these trendy big body shape menswear styles because they are loose, relaxed fit, or oversized clothing. Therefore, they are suitable for men with big body builds. This clothing for men with a big body build will keep you looking good, whilst being bang on trend.

This big body type menswear collection offers you the same range of expressive gear and trendy styles we have for other body types. VOCLA is not a retailer offering basic fashion for men with a bodybuilder or big build.

We’ve also included some bodybuilder menswear with stretchy fabric so the big guys who’ve been bodybuilding in the gym to get their large build can achieve a stretch fit to show off those muscles. We know you want to show off your work!

If you are tall, please see our tall menswear collection. We’ve no idea why other retailers seem to think that someone with a big build is also tall! And if you’re looking for plus-size menswear, we also have that.

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