Getting ready for Summer or going on holiday? Do you need to update your swimming briefs? Get some inspiration from this season’s hot men’s swimwear styles and trends. Check out our best men’s swim briefs and speedos for Summer 2023. Or see our top 10 best men’s swimwear. This summer will be hot, so we are here to ensure you are on trend and, most importantly, feel your best!

See our Mens Swimwear Guide for help choosing the best swimming styles for you.

MODUS VIVENDI Tiger Classic Swim Brief

7. MODUS VIVENDI Tiger Swim Brief

Men’s printed swimwear is in vogue this 2023 season, with different graphics, prints, and patterns. Therefore, this Tiger printed swim brief features in our men’s best swim brief list. It’s a classic swimming brief with a bold and vibrant print that is sure to help you stand out by the pool! The neon yellow and pink Tiger print is definitely the boldest available this 2023 season. The swimming brief has breathable and quick-drying polyester material, allowing stretch for optimum comfort. The elasticated waistband and internal drawstring make these adjustable and secure for wearing when you’re in or out of the water. This Modus Vivendi Tiger swim brief is a timeless and modern style that provides the freedom to move without constraints and the ultimate tan lines.

6. BARCODE Berlin Neon Swimming Brief

This Barcode Berlin men’s neon swimming brief is a must-have men’s swim brief for Summer 2023! Neon is always a bold and vibrant piece that is sure to make you stand out at the beach or the after-party. But they don’t just provide a bold look. Made with a quick-dry stretch polyamide, they are ideal for being in and out of the water. They also include branded external drawstrings, for an adjustable and secure fit. The swim briefs are available in three neon colourways. Therefore, you can choose which neon shade you would like to give you a stand-out glowing look!


5. MODUS VIVENDI Jeans Swim Brief

The Jeans Swim brief is a classic swimming brief style with a trendy denim-inspired print. Its smart vibe and flexibility make it a top pick. This is because it’s available in a range of colours with great comfort. And the fabric, trims, and stitching are denim-inspired. Therefore, a unique statement piece that will always be on trend! The swim brief is made with a stretch polyester that sits snug to the body. It’s also a quick-drying fabric, suitable for being in and out of the water. This swimming brief has made our men’s best swim brief list for its originality in design.

4. TOF Paris Striped Swim Brief 

A nautical striped swim brief is a speedo style that will always be on trend! That is why this TOF Paris swim brief is a must-have on our men’s best swim brief list. It offers all the benefits of a classic swim brief with a sailor-striped design, so super trendy for this 2023 Summer! This men’s striped swimming brief is a quick-drying stretch polyamide material, great for when you’re in or out of the water. The elasticated waistband and branded external drawstring make it adjustable and secure. This TOF Paris striped swim brief also has a foam-lined front pouch for extra shaping, creating a rounder and fuller pouch appearance.

TOF Paris Stripe Swim Brief

3. BARCODE Berlin Ugo Swim Brief

The BARCODE Berlin Ugo swim brief offers you vibrant colours on a trendy classic speedo swimming style that is perfect for both swimming and sunbathing. These swim briefs are available in a range of easy-to-wear colours that are sure to help you look your best on the beach! It’s a low-rise brief with high-cut legs, so you will get the best tan lines. The swimwear is made with a quick-drying polyamide, suitable for being in and out of the water. And the fabric is also super stretchy and ribbed, providing optimum comfort and style.

2. CODE22 Groovy Geometric Swim Brief

These CODE22 Groovy Geometric swim briefs offer you a super quirky and unique men’s patterned swim brief. It has a retro geometric print and vibrant colours. Therefore, this brief is sure to make you stand out by the pool! The swimming brief is a quick-drying stretch polyester, ideal for when you’re in and out of the water. This is a swim brief with a drawstring waist. Therefore, the swim brief is adjustable.

These CODE22 swimming briefs also feature CODE22 Power Shape Enhancement. This is a rounded padded cup that will give your package some enhancement. Therefore, you get a rounder and fuller pouch appearance. As a result, it beautifully enhances your features. The padding is inserted into a front pocket in the men’s swimming brief. Therefore, it can be removed if required. Overall, these swimming briefs are the best men’s swim briefs that combine a cool retro print with an enhanced pouch. They are the best men’s enhancing swimming briefs for this Summer 2023.

CODE22 Groovy Swim Brief

1. 2EROS V10 Core Swim Brief

These 2EROS swimming briefs have a simple and classic look, are designed to fit well, and are packed with helpful features. That’s what makes them our favourites, the best swim briefs for 2023. They offer four main benefits. Firstly a low-rise waist. This enhances and gives you your ‘V’ line. They have a contoured pouch to lift and support gently. It has narrow sides to flatter your legs and make them appear longer. And lastly, the briefs have a high-cut rear to enhance your behind. The 2eros swimwear V10 style has the highest cut and lowest waist. There is also a V20 style with a higher waist and larger seam from waist to leg openings.

The swimming brief gives you modern and trendy styling in a simple all-over colour. They are the perfect designer swim briefs to wear to the beach or go swimming, but then smart enough for the pool party or bar! The V10 Core swim briefs are available in a range of trendy colours.


These are eco-friendly swimming briefs. They form part of our men’s sustainable clothing collection, made with recycled and eco-friendly nylon and elastane yarns. It is fully waterproof and quick-drying. The V10 core swimming brief has a high elastane content and four-way stretch that moulds perfectly to your body. They are super stretchy, for a fitted vibe. Definitely the best fabric: environmentally friendly and stretchy.