Men’s pouch underwear focuses on specially designed pouches that help to do different things such as enhancement, more space or extra comfort. Pouch underwear has evolved greatly over the last few years. Therefore, you can now purchase underwear with various different pouches that perform in different ways:

  • There are vanity benefits. The reshaped pouch increases your front profile. This is often known as enhancing underwear.
  • There are support benefits. The pouch can contain lifting technology which supports and lifts you upwards and/or outwards. This is often known as push-up underwear. However, you also get contoured pouch underwear, which has a vertical seam in the centre of the pouch to provide a small amount of support and definition.
  • There are health benefits. The design of the pouch can help to reduce sticking, squashing and sweating. These types of pouches are usually moulded or made longer, known as hang free underwear or anatomically correct pouches.
  • There are comfort benefits. The size of the pouch determines how much available space you have. Larger pouch underwear is available for extra space.


Men’s enhanced underwear pouches are designed to increase the package size. They either create depth or reshape the front profile into a larger and fuller shape. There are two types of enhancing underwear pouches:

1) Lifting Pouches – these have push-up technology inside. This lifts and supports you, pushing and lifting the package upwards and outwards to gain size. The main methods are slings, c-rings and U-shaped fabric panels. You can see a description of each of these in our article “GUIDE: Mens Enhancement Underwear”.

This type of mens lifting underwear is often referred to as push-up underwear, due to the ‘pushing upwards’ effect that the pouch has. The Andrew Christian Show-It range has a lifting pouch. There is a piece of U-Shaped fabric at the entrance to the pouch which your package sits over. This pushes the package upwards and outwards, claiming to increase your front measurements by up to 1.5 inches.

2) Padded Pouches – soft foam padding is inserted into the front. It reshapes the pouch, making it look fuller and rounder in appearance. 


Contour pouch underwear has a vertical seam down the middle of the crotch. It became mainstream around seven or eight years ago and is now the standard for some brands. Contoured pouch underwear effectively has the same benefits as a vertical seam down the middle of the cups on a women’s bra – it’s the same innovation. The benefits are:

  • A small level of definition – the seam creates a D-shaped pouch. It has more definition compared to a flat front panel pouch – it’s not some much enhancement, more ‘definition’
  • Slightly more space – the improved definition provides more space at the front
  • Gentle support & lift – the seam strengthens the pouch slightly which gives a small level of support and lift


Anatomically correct underwear pouches or natural pouch underwear are the opposite to contouring, lifting and enhancement. The pouch is longer, allowing your package to naturally dangle. Therefore, it reduces squashing, sticking, sweating and chafing. Ultimately, it’s a more comfortable and natural wearing experience. But also healthier. However, you can feel loose and unsupported with these pouches. If you don’t fill the whole pouch, it will look empty and wrinkled.

The Andrew Christian Almost Naked range has an anatomically correct pouch which claims to make you feel like you’re not wearing any underwear.

The SUKREW brand has a moulded longer pouch which lets you hang free in comfort but the moulding still provides some support.


SUKREW offer a range of underwear with spacious moulded pouches. The spacious pouch is cut to be larger, thus giving you more space and anatomically correct, allowing you to hang free. As a result, less sticking, sweating and chafing, meaning more comfortable wear. In addition, the SUKREW pouch makes your package look larger compared to standard underwear, which usually squashes everything into place. The pocket fits perfectly around your package, shaping and lifting for a consistently impressive bulge! In our opinion, SUKREW is the best option for longer pouches and a hang-free feel, because their pouch is moulded.



The size of pouches can vary between brands. The American brands tend to have larger underwear pouches with more space as standard. Large pouch underwear is designed to give you extra space. This space is perfect for the well-endowed guy. He will therefore be less squashed and much more comfortable than with a standard sized pouch. Extra space also helps to reduce sticking and gives a little more space for air circulation, reducing the temperature and therefore sweating.

The Andrew Christian Trophy Boy range is designed with an extra-large underwear pouch for the well-endowed guy. It’s also a hang free pouch, so it has a combination of benefits related to more space and hang free comfort.


Andrew Christian Almost Naked – this range of mens pouch underwear is designed with a front pouch that is cut into a larger, anatomically correct cup. The pouch is basically longer than standard pouches. This allows your package to hang free. It gives a more natural wearing experience which is much more comfortable than standard pouches. This in turn reduces the amount of sticking, squashing, sweating and chafing. By having a longer front pouch that lets your package hang free, there is also the indirect effect of package enhancement because it isn’t squashed into a small pouch. There is no lifting or padding, it’s just a natural enhancing effect.

Andrew Christian Trophy Boy – this pouch underwear is exactly the same as the Almost Naked range above but with one difference – an even larger front pouch. The large pouch gives extra space for well-endowed guys. It significantly reduces the amount of squashing for larger guys. The Trophy Boy collection will offer the best or largest pouch size.


This really depends on your circumstances and what you want the pouch to do. But here are a few generalisations:

  • The best for shape and size – enhancing pouches
  • Best for everyday wear – contour or anatomically correct pouches
  • The best for comfort – anatomically correct pouches
  • Best for well-endowed guys – extra-large pouches

Take a look at our article ‘The Best Mens Pouch Underwear‘ for our latest recommendations.