Men’s enhancement underwear is finally no longer a taboo subject. Whilst people may scorn the mention of it, they’d be very surprised that thousands of people are searching for enhancement underwear on the internet. Why should the Wonderbra be acceptable for women but the equivalent not be acceptable for men? It’s one of the most popular types of men’s underwear at the online underwear shop VOCLA. VOCLA has produced this guide to men’s enhancing underwear to provide some help and advice.

There is an ever-increasing range of male enhancement underwear products on the market. It may be hidden away or not even feature in your local department store. However, here at VOCLA, we have hundreds of men’s enhancement styles to choose from, available in a wide range of brands. We just need to guide you through them.

The technologies used have changed slightly over time. Each technology works in a different way and can have different benefits and disadvantages. One guy’s circumstances are not the same as another. Therefore, it’s best to take some time to consider the type of enhancement underwear that you need, to suit your requirements. Within this guide, we will take you through the different types of enhancement underwear, to help you decide which is best for your needs.


Traditional men’s underwear had a flat front pouch design. Your package was squashed and left somewhere between your legs – just the part where it’s warm and sweaty!

To enhance the crotch area and make it healthier, men’s underwear needs to help move the package upwards and outwards, away from the body, or at least give that appearance. So there is the first benefit – lift and support. But also, by lifting the package away from the body, there is less sticking and sweating. Therefore, there are also health benefits. Overall, there is a mixture of both vanity and health benefits:

  • Lift and support, so you don’t have that dangling feeling
  • Lower temperatures, therefore less sweating
  • Extra space in the pouch, so that’s less squashing – help for those well-endowed guys. Apparently, less squashing makes you more fertile
  • Rounder and fuller pouch appearance, therefore an improved profile, especially if you like to wear baggy clothing
  • Reduced sticking

Those that say that enhancement underwear is just a gimmick may now go and eat their hats! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Enhancement underwear is not just confined to the front pouch. Let’s not forget that there is also bum enhancement underwear. To help create that lovely bubble butt look, butt enhancement underwear gives you reshaping and lifting benefits. These benefits are much more vanity-focused, rather than health benefits.


There are four main types of men’s enhancement underwear. Three focus on front pouch enhancement and the last focuses on helping with butt enhancement.



Push-up underwear is sometimes known as lifting underwear or supporting underwear. Because it lifts the front package, moving it upwards and outwards, away from the body. Therefore, giving support, reduced sticking and sweating. Ultimately, a healthier wearing experience.

In our opinion, push-up underwear is the best form of front enhancement underwear if your objective is to boost the size of your front.

There are also a few disadvantages. It is a little difficult to get used to and sometimes uncomfortable. Therefore, it can be a compromise. We recommend focusing on styles that have soft elastic around the lifting area. 

The ‘lifting’ is achieved in different ways:

a) Straps – a strap circles underneath the outside or inside of the pouch, like a sling. It holds the package upwards from underneath. A ‘c-ring’ design has straps that circle the whole package.

c) U-shaped material – the front has a piece of U-shaped material which your package sits over. The material is tightened, therefore it lifts you upwards. It is also elasticated for comfort. These U-shaped fabric panels are not adjustable. However, they are more comfortable than straps. Andrew Christian uses this push-up technology. The Andrew Christian Show-It collection was initially launched with internal straps but later changed to a U-shaped material.

d) Pockets – there is a pocket inside the pouch which lifts the package upwards and outwards. It behaves like a cup around the package. It is more comfortable compared to lifting straps. 


Men’s padded underwear has a piece of padding inserted into the front pouch area. Sometimes the padding is removable. The padding comes in various sizes. But it is really the shape of the padding, rather than the thickness or size, which guides the best results. Therefore, the benefit of padded underwear is that it helps to create a fuller and rounder pouch appearance. 

The disadvantages of padded underwear relate to the amount of available space in the pouch. If the padding is thick, it will take much of the space away, leaving you squashed. The padding can also act as a layer of insulation, increasing the temperature and therefore sticking and sweating.

A good example of padded enhancement underwear is the CODE22 Power Shape underwear range. This has a relatively thin piece of well-shaped padding inserted into the front pouch. It’s foam padding for great comfort, removable and also relatively thin so the disadvantages of higher temperatures are therefore reduced.



The design of the pouch can make a huge difference to the appearance of the front profile. As well as your comfort. There is a wide range of benefits. Therefore, we have split pouch underwear into different categories:

a) Contoured pouch underwear – contoured pouches have a vertical seam down the front. This helps to reshape and strengthen the pouch. Therefore, it provides some enhancement support and definition. This is a relatively gentle type of enhancement. Therefore, if you want some support and minor enhancement, rather than extreme enhancement, this would be a good option. PUMP! underwear offers contoured pouches in their designs.

b) Natural pouch underwear – this is also known as ‘anatomically correct’ underwear. The underwear has a larger and longer pouch. It, therefore, provides extra space and allows you to hang free. The opposite effect to push-up underwear. No lifting or support. It is therefore not strictly enhancement underwear. However, the larger pouch is very visible and usually protrudes outwards, fully showing off your package. It is a very comfortable form of underwear. The extra space not only gives you room but also helps to reduce sweating, sticking, squashing and chafing. The best example is the Andrew Christian Almost Naked collection. But SUKREW also has similar moulded pouches.

c) Large pouch underwear – the pouch of the underwear is made larger. Therefore extra space for well-endowed guys helps to reduce squashing, sweating and sticking. The best example is the Andrew Christian Trophy Boy collection with a super large pouch.


Enhancement underwear is not all about the front pouch, you can also enhance the rear. Butt enhancement underwear lifts or reshapes the buttocks, enhancing their profile. Therefore, it helps create a rounder ‘bubble butt’ appearance. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Lifting straps – enhancement straps are sewn into the inside seams of the underwear. Similar to jock straps, they are usually elasticated, therefore helping to provide support and lifting the buttocks upwards. A good example is the Andrew Christian FlashLIFT range which has internal lifting straps. The disadvantages relate to the comfort of having straps lifting you upwards. These enhancement straps can sometimes dig into your buttocks a little too much.
  2. Reshaping padding – soft padding is inserted into the seams of the underwear. Therefore, helping to reshape the buttocks, makes them appear rounder. The disadvantages relate to the ability of the pads to keep their shape.
  3. Seams – a vertical seam down the rear centre or around the buttocks helps to shape the fabric around the butt and accentuate it.

Which is the Best Enhancement Underwear?

There is no answer to ‘Which is best?’ It depends on the circumstances but here is a guide:

  • Push-up underwear – best for providing help with enhancement, support and lifting
  • Padded underwear – best for helping to create a fuller and rounder pouch appearance but no lifting or support
  • Pouch underwear – best for overall comfort and space but providing the least enhancement